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When I first started my yoga journey in 2011, I knew there was a deeper connection to my body + breath movements than just what was on the surface. Yoga opened up a way for me to see my body in all of its imperfections, and love it fiercely! This led to meditation, energy healing, Shamanism, and creative writing, which have all transformed my life + my relationships. I always say that Yoga is a tool to get you closer to who you've always been. This practice then becomes a way of remembering that you are in possession of divine wisdom, truth, courage, and strength.

It's been with you all along. 

What is YogaSouhl?

YogaSouhl is an invitation to put a little extra soul into all that you do. Whether it's in a yoga class or on a hiking trail or in a business meeting, it's an open invite to bring your whole self into your endeavors. For too long, we've played it small. We've apologized, habitually, for the things we do, words we say, and actions we perform. In extreme moments, we've apologized for being ourselves. It's time to change that! It's time to gather all of our inner puzzle pieces, and put the masterpiece back together. We are exactly perfect, ready, wholesome, and complete - just as we are!

YogaSouhl is about meeting yourself where you are, and fully loving the person you see in the mirror, every day.



My teaching schedule is currently unavailable. Please check back again. Thank you for your patience + understanding.

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