Seva Soul Retreats

Seva Soul: Meditation + Yoga Service Retreat

May 30 - June 6, 2020

Navajo Nation, Arizona


Traveling is a gift that changes you! Seeing the world is one of the most humbling ways of shifting your perspective and reminding you of how equally small + important you are to the tapestry of life on this planet.

The intention behind my retreats is simple: be of service while exploring the world around you! In Sanskirt, "Seva" means "selfless service." This is our opportunity to make a difference in communities around the world, so that we can learn from one another, and enrich our own lives in the process. Each retreat focuses on a service-learning project with a community in need. I guarantee that you'll come away from each retreat with love, peace, and unity in your heart - for yourself, your neighbor, and this beautiful planet we call Home.

Due to COVID-19, I am regretfully postponing this trip until we are cleared for travel + service work! Please stay tuned to this website + subscribe to my newsletter to get latest updates!

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