Individual Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki is a type of healing touch energy that is done by the practitioner placing his or her hands on the client's body in order to channel loving light energy to the areas needing healing. Practitioners may also hover hands over certain body parts, and most clients report feeling sensations of heat, deep relaxation, or other sensations of energy moving through the body. All experiences are personal and vary from client to client.

As a Yoga Teacher, I offer Reiki throughout my classes. However, I also offer individual Reiki Sessions at Liberty Yoga, as follows:

  • One hour session - $75

  • Four-session package (1-hour each) - $200

Each session begins with a consultation for me to gather more information from you + what you're looking for. No prior Reiki experience necessary. Come as you are, and enjoy the benefits of this healing practice!

Offering Sessions on:

  • Tuesdays until 4:30pm

  • Fridays 3:00-7:00pm

  • Saturdays 12:00-6:00pm

I also offer personalized Shamanic healing sessions, designed to aid your healing/recovery via drumming, visualization meditation, and Shamanic journeying. If you're interested in scheduling a session with me, let's connect! I would love to hold space for you as you experience the divine healing energy! Fill out the Let's Connect form below, and I will work with you to set up a time.

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Phone: 302-545-1702

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