Energy Healing

We are comprised of energy. The closer we can return to the simplicity of the Earth, the easier that energy can flow along with pachamama, or Mother Earth. There are many ways in which to begin energy healing.


Reiki is a type of healing touch energy that is done by a yoga teacher or practitioner placing his or her hands on the client's body in order to channel loving light energy to the areas needing healing. Practitioners may also hover hands over certain body parts, and most clients report feeling sensations of heat, deep relaxation, or other sensations of energy moving through the body. All experiences are personal and vary from client to client.

Shaman healing works with the energy of the elements and the power of animal medicine to push through the dense hucha, or tension and hardness, that creates dis-ease and suffering. It is often done through drumming, visualization meditation, and Shaman journeying.

No matter the style, energy healing is a powerful tool. All that matters is that you show up as you are, and allow the energy already around you and within you to move.

Due to the nature of the world's pandemic, all hands-on healing touch sessions will be limited. If this practice is of interest to you, please reach out to me and we can chat further to accommodate your needs with safety in mind!

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